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Buffett early childhood institute information kit


A comprehensive document detailing why our work is important, what we aim to accomplish, and how we plan to be successful.


Early Childhood Workforce Development Program

Achievement Gap Challenge

Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan
The document that guides our work to help close the achievement gap for at-risk children in the 11 Omaha-area school districts of the Learning Community.

Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan at a Glance
A summary look at the plan.

Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan Sites Map
A map of the school districts, highlighting the full implementation sites.

Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan FAQ
Answers to commonly asked questions about the Superintendents' Plan.

Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan Evaluation Fact Sheet
More in-depth information about the evaluation process.

MORE about the Achievement Gap Challenge

Development ProgramEarly Childhood Workforce Development Program

Early Childhood Workforce Development Program Overview
A short summary of how we will work to increase the quantity, quality, and skills of those working with young children and their families in Nebraska.

Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Commission Overview
A short summary about the group formed to develop a comprehensive plan for expanding and strengthening the state's early childhood workforce.

Summary Recommendations: Nebraska Early Childhood Higher Education Learning Inventory
A summary of key findings from a statewide inventory intended to describe the landscape of Nebraska's early childhood degree programs.

Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Survey
Summary about a statewide survey of teachers and early education professionals who work in licensed home-based and licensed center-based programs, and Kindergarten and elementary school classrooms.

MORE about the Early Childhood Workforce Program


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