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May 01, 2018

Opening of Early Childhood Center Celebrated in Red Cloud

Red Cloud, Neb. — The grand opening of The Valley Childhood Development Center in Red Cloud, Nebraska, on April 20 was a statewide celebration of the community’s investment in its future. More than 100 people attended the event, which featured remarks by Samuel Meisels, founding executive director of the Buffett Institute, who consulted with community leaders in the development of the center, and Kate Gallagher, director of research and evaluation, who serves on the center’s board of directors.

Meisels and Gallagher both spoke about the efforts of the Red Cloud community to plan for and operate a center that is focused on high quality, noting the challenges that exist in paying teachers and staff adequate wages and providing space that nurtures young children’s development and learning. 

“What’s been done here is incredible. Red Cloud will stand as a beacon to other communities, small and large, in Nebraska and around the nation,” Meisels said in commenting on the community fundraising effort to provide for both the $1.5 million facility and an endowment to sustain ongoing operations.

A number of parents were also on hand for the event, including one parent who works at the Red Cloud elementary school and shared her experience of previously driving 52 miles one way every morning and evening for child care. Other parents and community leaders talked about the ways in which a high quality early childhood center is attracting families with young children to move to Red Cloud.

Learn more about The Valley Childhood Development Center and its commitment to quality. 

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