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Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan Evaluation

learning through evaluation

Evaluation is central to the Superintendents' Early Childhood Plan. What we learn—both about the process of implementing this approach and the impact it is having on children, families, and schools—will help us know what parts of the plan are most effective and can be leveraged most successfully in a variety of settings across Nebraska and beyond.

The evaluation study was conducted jointly by the University of Nebraska ΜΆ Lincoln’s Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families, and Schools, and the Interdisciplinary Center for Program Evaluation of the Munroe-Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the Buffett Early Childhood Institute. Research in the report was supported by the Learning Community Coordinating Council, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Lozier Foundation, and the Weitz Family Foundation.

2017-18 Evaluation Report

The report looked at the third year implementation of the Superintendents' Plan. Highlights: Classroom interactions and instruction are improving; children in home visiting whose home language is Spanish show increases in language development (with greater gains associated with more home visits); language development improved for children in PreK through Grade 3, with greater gains for low-income and Hispanic children; early educational achievement increased over time, with greater gains for children who are black and children whose home language is Spanish; home visiting is reaching families with greater needs; families are increasing their access to supports that help reduce stress; schools are learning to welcome and engage families in meaningful and inclusive ways.

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News Release

2016-17 Evaluation Report

The report looked at the second year implementation of the Superintendents' Plan. Highlights: Children made progress; quality of teacher-child instructional interactions increased; families experienced high levels of support; and schools focused more on family partnerships.

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