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November   30 , 2017 8:30 AM –  3:30 PM

2017-18 PD for All Series, Second Institute (Daytime Session)

Omaha, Neb.

"Children as Authors: Guiding Children on the Pathways Toward Strong Writing" is the second in a series of five Professional Development for All events in 2017-18 for those who work with young children in the Learning Community of Douglas and Sarpy Counties. The 2017-18 series, entitled "Content-Rich Learning for Young Children, Birth – Grade 3," explores new research-based ideas about children's learning in the content areas. The focus is on educational practices that engage young children in developmentally appropriate and rigorous active learning. This will be accompanied by strategies for engaging families in content-rich learning adventures as they play and learn together. Offered as part of the Superintendents' Plan. Breakout sessions will be differentiated to address the diverse needs of the participants, including those who work with infants and toddlers, preschoolers, early primary-age children, and families. Offered as part of the Superintendents' Plan.
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