Start Early. Start well.

November   2 –  5 , 2016 12:30 AM

2016 NAEYC Annual Conference

Los Angeles, CA

Buffett Institute staff are involved in four presentations at the NAEYC conference, which annually draws thousands of early childhood professionals from across the country to learn the latest research in the profession. Sam Meisels, the Institute's executive founding director, is teaming with early childhood consultant Judy Jablon on two presentations Thursday:

"Using Work Sampling to Build Program Consistency and Coherence: A Report From the Kamehameha Schools."

"Intentional Decision Making: Using Assessment to Increase Knowledge of Child Development and Enhance Program Quality."

Janette Merkel and Molly Colling, program specialists at the Buffett Institute, will give a presentation in Spanish with two teacher colleagues from Gomez Heritage Elementary School in Omaha on Wednesday:

"La Poderosa Interaction: To Promote Learning Through the Connection Between Teacher and Student."

Sam Meisels and Chris Maxwell, director of program development at the Buffett Institute, will be joined by Brooke Studt, educational facilitator at the Institute, and Glen Jagels, principal at Westbrook Elementary School (Westside Community Schools) and Ryan Saunders, principal at William Cody Elementary School (Millard Public Schools) in a presentation Saturday:

"Re-envisioning the Role of Schools in Early Learning and Family Support Systems, Birth Through Grade 3: Strategies to Build the Necessary Environment of Relationships Among School Leaders, Teachers, Families, Children, and Community."

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