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Malena Rousseau, Ph.D.

Research and Evaluation Coordinator

Malena Rousseau, Research and Evaluation Coordinator
Malena Rousseau joined the Institute in 2017 as a research and evaluation coordinator. She contributes to the research and evaluation of the Institute’s two signature programs—the Achievement Gap Challenge and the Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan. Rousseau focuses on methodological design, coordination of the research and data collection teams, and research evaluation. Prior to working at the Institute, Rousseau was a graduate research assistant at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She assisted with conducting qualitative data analysis, providing editorial support to academic writers, and assisting with grant writing. Rousseau earned a bachelor's degree in biological anthropology and anatomy (now called evolutionary anthropology) at Duke University, a master’s degree in anthropology at East Carolina University, and a doctorate in anthropology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Research Interests

  • Ethnography and qualitative research methods
  • Culturally and globally competent policy design and implementation
  • Well-being in marginalized communities
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