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Keting Chen

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Keting Chen, 2020-21 Buffett Institute Graduate Scholar
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  • Office Location 2111 S. 67th Street, Suite 350
    Omaha , NE 68106

Keting Chen, of Shanghai, China, is a student in human sciences in the Department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her study will explore how the home numeracy environments and child care numeracy environments are associated with preschool-age children’s numeracy skills. Her study will identify important aspects of early numeracy environments (e.g., parents’ and teachers’ knowledge about early math and frequency of numeracy activities) that associate with children’s development of numeracy skills. The findings may also help to determine ways to support parents and educators in their early numeracy practices.

Her faculty mentors are Drs. Amy R. Napoli and Julia C. Torquati.

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