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April   28 , 2021 7:00 PM –  8:00 PM

Spring 2021 PD for All Series Second Webinar

"Racial Socialization as Resistance to Racism" is the title of the second webinar in the three-part spring 2021 PD for All Series, Anti-Racist Early Childhood Education: Principles, Practices, and Possibilities. The featured presenter is Dalhia Lloyd, M.S., program specialist in family and community at the Buffett Institute.

When families work to help their children understand race and racism, they are engaging in a process known as racial socialization. To understand how racial socialization can be used as a tool for anti-racism, there is much to learn from families who have been racially marginalized and the lessons they have taught their children. This webinar will explore racial socialization as a vital form of parent involvement and describe strategies that resist and disrupt racism.

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