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April   15 , 2019 8:30 AM –  4:30 PM

Implicit Bias Workshop

Omaha, Neb.

This all-day workshop, "Acknowledging the Role of Implicit Bias as a Barrier to Reaching All Children," led by national expert Dr. Rosemarie Allen, will explore the dynamics of implicit bias and its impact on teaching, learning, and interacting. Implicit biases affect how educators perceive and respond to children. This can lead to unfair differences in the expectations we hold for children, how we interact with them, and the learning opportunities we provide. In this workshop, Dr. Allen will challenge participants to reflect on their own implicit biases and to develop awareness of their own “hot buttons” as related to children and their behaviors. Dr. Allen’s message is one of guidance and support as she shares strategies to reduce our biases in educational settings and expands thinking about culturally responsive practices. The event is free and open to administrators, teachers, caregivers, and other professionals who serve children birth through Grade 3 and their families. Attendees will be eligible to receive seven Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Rosemarie Allen, Ed.D., has served as a leader in early childhood education for nearly 40 years. Her life's work is centered on ensuring children have access to high-quality early childhood programs that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. She is the President and CEO of the Institute for Racial Equity & Excellence and an assistant professor in the School of Education at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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