Buffett Institute - Fall 2021 PD for All Series Webinar 2
Start Early. Start well.

November   15 , 2021 7:00 PM –  8:00 PM

Fall 2021 PD for All Series, Webinar 2

In "Promoting Early Childhood Workforce Well-Being Through Reflection and Connection," webinar participants will learn about three research-based approaches to promoting early childhood educators’ social and emotional well-being. Presenters will describe three strategies that are being used to support the early childhood workforce in Nebraska. University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Jamie Bahn will share work from the Nebraska Center for Reflective Practice, which aims to mitigate the stress of teaching by helping individuals reflect on their emotions, experience, and responses in a supportive community of colleagues. Holly Hatton Bowers, from UNL, will discuss Cultivating Healthy Intentional Mindful Educators (CHIME), a program led by the University of Nebraska Extension that provides education and guidance for teachers to incorporate mindfulness and reflective practice into their daily routines. Jolene Johnson from the Munroe-Meyer Institute will share lessons learned from implementation and evaluation of interventions that aim to promote teachers’ social and emotional well-being. 
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