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  About the Buffett Early Childhood Institute The Buffett Early Childhood Institute was established in 2011 by a founding gift from Omaha philanthropist Susie Buffett -- a gift that the University of Nebraska has pledged to more than match, creating a $100 million-plus endowment. Teaching and research faculty from the University’s four campuses will work collaboratively to improve the lives of children from birth through age 8.

The Institute will be led by an executive director and national board of directors, and will include three interrelated divisions:

  • A research program to advance the science of early childhood by developing evidence-based solutions for the challenges facing at-risk children.
  • An education and professional development program to ensure that early childhood teachers and providers have access to research-based information and support so that best practices are put to work for the children who need them.
  • An outreach and policy program to inform Nebraska and, ultimately, national policy goals and provide information on best practices for children, families and schools to practitioners and policymakers.

Working in partnership with organizations such as the Nebraska Department of Education, the two Educare Centers in Omaha and Building Bright Futures-Early Childhood Services, the Institute will also focus on developing the next generation of professionals and providers in early childhood development.


The Buffett Early Childhood Institute is looking for exceptionally talented leaders who are eager to transform early childhood development and education. The thoughtful, innovative people who join our dynamic team will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help shape a better future for young children in Nebraska, the nation, and the world.

We are now accepting applications for:

DIRECTOR OF PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT to work with a wide range of early childhood services and service providers to improve the quality of care for children in need from birth through Grade 3. For more information, visit

DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AND EVALUATION to oversee applied research and evaluation studies involving children from birth through Grade 3 and their families. For more information, visit

DIRECTOR OF WORFORCE PLANNING DEVELOPMENT to focus on increasing the quality and quantity of early childhood educators in Nebraska and in the nation. For more information, visit

DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS to create awareness and build support for the Institute’s work through a comprehensive and strategic communication program.  For more information, visit

PROGRAM MANAGER to implement an initiative to eliminate or reduce achievement gaps among at risk children in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. For more information, visit

About the Institute

The Buffett Early Childhood Institute was established in 2011 by a founding gift from Omaha philanthropist Susie Buffett.

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Help us make Nebraska the best place to be a baby. The Buffett Institute presents remarkable opportunities to enrich the lives of young children in need.

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