All children need the opportunity to develop, learn, and succeed in life.



We are an innovative research, practice, and policy institute of the University of Nebraska.

We harness the multidisciplinary resources of all four campuses of the university to promote the development and learning of children from birth through age 8. Our efforts are focused especially on children who are vulnerable because of poverty, abuse, or developmental delays. Learn More ›

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We put knowledge that exists into action to improve children’s learning and development.   

We transform early childhood development and education through applied research, professional preparation for early childhood educators and providers, public policy, and outreach to all corners of the state—urban and rural. Learn More ›

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Research teaches us that the most effective time to affect a child’s future is from birth through age 8.

Children make their greatest gains in learning, behavior, problem-solving, language, and emotional growth in the first eight years of life. Early learning has been linked to progress in school, increased earnings, reductions in anti-social behavior, lowered welfare participation, and even trouble with the law. Learn More ›