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The Nebraska Early Childhood Workforce Survey, conducted by the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska, will provide the most comprehensive overview to date of the state’s early childhood workforce (birth – third grade). The survey is an initiative of the Institute’s Early Childhood Workforce Development Program and is being administered in conjunction with UNL’s Bureau of Sociological Research.

Survey Goals

  1. Determine the status and distribution of the current Nebraska early childhood workforce across settings, geography, and preparation.
  2. Determine the educational and demographic characteristics of the workforce across settings.
  3. Learn about working conditions and attitudes of the workforce across settings.
  4. Establish a baseline for measuring the state’s impact and effectiveness in expanding the early childhood workforce, and enhancing     the quality of the workforce preparation for early childhood professionals.  

The survey will establish baseline data for Nebraska’s early childhood workforce at both the individual and program or school levels. The sample will include teachers and early education professionals who work in licensed home-based and center-based preschool programs and Kindergarten through third grade classrooms. Teacher demographic (e.g., education, training, wages) and attitudinal data (e.g., perception of job stress and beliefs about child-rearing) will be collected. Characteristics of classrooms and settings (e.g., curriculum, assessment processes, number of teachers and children) will also be gathered. These data will allow the Institute to make comparisons to national data and examine geographic patterns across the state.


  • Mailed surveys sent to approximately 2,500 early education programs and schools and 6,500 early education professionals and teachers  
  • Random sample of licensed home-based and center-based programs and elementary schools within six Nebraska regions
  • Information collected at the program/school and individual level
  • All Early Childhood Endowment (“Sixpence”) programs sampled 

A report will be available by winter 2017.

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