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Kimberly Norman-Collins

Project Manager

Kimberly Norman-Collins, Project Manager

Kimberly Norman-Collins joined the Buffett Institute in 2020 as Project Manager for Needs Assessment. Her primary responsibilities will be to plan, manage, monitor, and report on Preschool Development Grant projects and activities. Norman-Collins is a highly skilled program manager with over 11 years of experience. As the education coordinator for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Pharmacy for more than 11 years and one year with Academic Affairs, she aligns business strategies and operational roadmaps with an adaptive approach to enhance compliance, development, and community relations. Norman-Collins has a passion for diversity and inclusivity and has been involved with multiple diversity initiatives on the UNMC campus. She earned her master’s degree in management from Bellevue University and her undergraduate degree in criminal justice from Fort Valley State University.

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