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Connie Niemi

Educational Facilitator

Connie Niemi, educational facilitator

Connie Niemi joined the Buffett Institute in 2020 as a preschool through Grade 3 educational facilitator, assigned to Gomez Heritage Elementary in Omaha Public Schools and Mockingbird Elementary in Ralston Public Schools. Niemi provides on-site support to elementary school leaders and instructional coaches to enhance quality, continuity, and equity in preschool  ΜΆ  third grade classrooms. She also works to build capacity within schools through embedded professional learning and co-coaching as part of the Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan. She has more than 20 years of experience as a public-school educator, with expertise in reading intervention, instructional coaching, developing and supporting the implementation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. She also has a wealth of experience in working with racially and linguistically diverse communities. Niemi earned a Master of Education in reading and a Bachelor of Science in elementary education, both from Western Oregon University. She has also attained her initial Nebraska teaching license in Elementary K-8.

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