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July 16, 2019

Buffett Early Childhood Institute Hires Columnist Matthew Hansen as Managing Editor

Omaha, Neb. The Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska has appointed award-winning journalist, Nebraska native and university alum Matthew Hansen as managing editor. Hansen comes to the Institute after a successful career in newspapers, most recently as a columnist for the Omaha World-Herald

As managing editor, Hansen will be responsible for creating and leading the Institute’s blog and serving as the Institute’s writer and editor for digital channels, advancing the Institute’s goal to share stories of its work and impact with as many Nebraskans and partners as possible. He will oversee social media and newsletters, and will align content strategy to support the Institute’s goals.

Hansen brings nationally recognized reporting skills and deep connections with media, education, and community leaders across the state, which he will use to lift up the work of the Institute and its partners, including faculty and staff across the four campuses of the University of Nebraska, representing a wide range of academic disciplines engaged in early childhood work. He will be charged with translating early childhood care and education research, projects, programs, reports, partnerships, and data into approachable and informational stories about people, processes, and systems making a difference in the education and development of children across Nebraska and the country.

“Part of our commitment at the Buffett Institute is to share with the people of Nebraska and the country what we know about how children learn and develop and the importance of the systems that support them. Communications is critical to our mission. Hiring Matthew Hansen is another part of our commitment to share what we know about young children’s development and their early learning,” said Samuel J. Meisels, founding executive director.

Hansen comes from a long line of Nebraska educators and is excited about the opportunity to continue to write about a topic that he is passionate about.

“As a reporter, I’ve had the opportunity to interview countless University of Nebraska faculty and staff. I have seen again and again how talented they are, how deeply they care about their work, and how significantly they impact the success and well-being of Nebraskans. This is especially true in early childhood, an area that’s close to my heart,” said Hansen. “I look forward to the challenge of building something new at the Buffett Institute, a blog that I hope will become the go-to spot for information and powerful stories about the groundbreaking work happening at the Institute, the University of Nebraska, and with partners across the state. I am excited to build a platform that will put a spotlight on our faculty, staff, students, and people making an impact in the lives of children every day.”

Hansen’s first day at the Buffett Institute will be Aug. 1.

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