Start Early. Start well.

June   17 , 2017 9:00 AM –  4:00 PM

Team Nutrition Early Childhood Conference

Lincoln, Neb.

Staff from the Buffett Institute will give a presentation on communicating healthy messages with families at the conference, entitled "Energizing Early Childhood Professionals in Shaping the Health of the Whole Child." The one-day event, sponsored by the Nebraska Department of Education's Team Nutrition, will be held at the East Campus Student Union at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Early childhood professionals, agencies working with early childhood programs, public health staff, and nurses and dietitians will learn about the connections between proper nutrition and physical activity on child development and quality early education. Keynote speakers include Rae Pica, an educational consultant specializing in development and education of the whole child and children's physical activity, and Marjorie Kostelnik, dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences at UNL. 
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